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11 GK/E

Dear students,

Now what we have been fearing all along has happened: Social life and all the schools have been locked down because of the coronavirus.

Your oral exams must be postponed and will take place after the Easter holidays. This gives you the chance to prepare very thoroughly.

Please check back regularly. I will post more information here soon.

Kind regards,

A. Katz
Information about the oral exams:

You will take the exam in pairs of two and each of you will get a different extract from the novel.

Preparation time: 25 minutes

Duration of the exam itself: 25 minutes

(50 minutes altogether)


1. Summerize the extract and put it in its context within the novel.

2. Characterize one of the people in your extract.

3. Pepare an interview. You will play two different roles: One of you is an interviewer and one of you is a character from the novel. Then you switch roles.

(Tasks 1 and 2 will be a presentation that you give. Task 3 is a dialogue with your partner.)
Assignments for the time that our school is shut down:

1. Summerize the whole novel.

2. Finish your presentations of the characterisations of Julie, Helen, Ray, and Barry.

3. The police interrogate the four friends about their involvement in the accident and about the events regarding Collie. What might the police ask and what might the four answer? Write FOUR interviews.

Check back again soon! I will post more information here!
Update from April 19th:

It looks like our school will be closed for you a while longer and we have done all the work we possibly can to prepare for the oral exams. Here is what I would suggest you can do:

1. Read the whole novel again. There is more than enough time.

2. Watch the film if possible and compare what is the same and what is different. Take notes! They have the film on Amazon Prime:

3. Practise vocabulary describing a person's character with the following app. You might want to change the learning mode.

Update from May 3rd:

I fear it will take some more time before we all meet again face to face. Your next assignment is to do all the tasks on pp. 16 + 17 of your English book. Obviously, you must work on your own when its says partner or group work and please write down everything. 

Let me have your results by May 15th. You can either send me a photograph of your work or a WORD document.

We will compare what you have done in class when our school opens for you again - hopefully soon.
Update from May 14th:

Assignment: Read the story on pp. 18 - 22 of your English book. Do tasks 1 a) + 2 + 3 + 4 a) + b) + 5 + 6 a) + b)  (choose Adam OR Seth) + 7.

Send me your work by May 29th!
Update from 3rd June:

Dear students,

You might have guessed that there will be NO oral exams for you this year. We simply do not have the means to organize them.  

Your final marks will be based on all the work you have done this school year including the two exams you wrote during the first term and also including the tasks that you have sent me by email.

However, if you want to do some extra work to improve your final mark, you can give a presentation OR hand in a paper OR prepare a handout about ANY of the topics we have dealt with this year. So if there is anything you are interested in that you want to work on, please let me know on Friday when we meet again. The presentations can be given on June 18th and any other extra work you do should be handed in before that.

Please note that it is NOT possible to improve a FULL mark, e.g. from 11 points to 14 points.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Best wishes,

A. Katz