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13 GK/E


Week 2

Task 1:
Watch the following two videos and write down five tips on how to fill in an application form and five tips on how to write a good CV.


Task 2: Imagine you are applying for a summer  job as a shop assistant in a fashion shop in London. Fill in the following online application form.

(Do NOT give your real surname, addresses and telephone numbers! But please give your real first name!)

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
Oops. An error occurred.
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Week 3

Task: Watch the following job interview and make a list of the mistakes the applicant makes.


Week 5

Task 1:  Watch the following two videos about Shakespeare's life and write down five facts that you find interesting or surprising.
Task 2:  Explain which of the two videos you like better and give reasons.